Edit Management

(UI/UX - 2021)

Background - Igentify

Igentify® is a digital health company. It has developed the world’s first Digital Genetic Counselor – a digital platform for genetic tests providers. The platform is capable of providing a fully scalable end-to-end genetic counseling solution in both clinical as well as non-clinical (direct-to-consumer) genetic testing set up. The platform’s unmatched user engaging capabilities enable the test providers to give the best user experience to their consumers from enrollment & personalized consent for the genetic test, to the automated delivery of machine-generated personalized genetic counseling.


This feature handles the situation in which more than one user is working on the same patient information card. During this scenario, there is a possibility of data loss caused when more than one user updates information concurrently. The feature was designed to enable a safe and communicative user experience, while maintaining data integrity.

Tools used in this Project
  • Sketch

  • InVision (prototyping)

Starting with understanding the needs
User Flow Requirements
  • Only 1 user can edit content for a patient at the same time

  • A user wishing to edit content for a patient,  must actively choose to edit. The default permission of each user is read only

  • The editing user's lock on the card is ends when the user navigates away from the card, or editing context is taken by another user.

  • When a user takes editing context while another user is editing the patient card, a notification appears notifying that the editing user's changes will
    be lost.

  • The user taking editing context will have to approve the notification, at which point any unsaved edits from previous users will be lost. 

  • Users who have editing context taken by another user and potentially edits lost will receive a notification for which user took control.

UI Challenges

This feature, needed to appear in every tab in the patient card. The first challenge was to make the feature blend in with the existing patient card design. Because this was a relatively small feature with minimal tasking for R&D, the next challenge was making the feature simple and understandable for R&D. Taking these issues into account, I thought a side toolbar would be the
best solution.

User 1 Flow
User 1 flow.png

User 1 flow


Read Only Mode


User 1 in editing mode


User 2 Takes Editing Context

User 2 Flow
User 2 flow.png

User 2 flow


Read Only Mode


User 2 in view mode


Pop Up modal




User 2 in edit mode