Experimental Typography

Cultural Transcription is a process by which a society's culture is perpetuated through generations via the Educational System. This process helps us understand how societies continue to exist and remain stable over long periods of time. In fact, we are speaking about

the transcription of a societal culture through

new generations. 


From the understanding that the educational system is an integral part of cultural transcription, I understood that the concept of societal capital goes hand in hand with it, and it enables us to understand how gaps are created between classes in society. 


I created two fonts in order to express the gap between the social classes, the top earners and those earning minimum wage. To start the process, I created two variables: Minimum wage: 1 drop of ink = 28.49 INS

Top earner's wage: 50 drops of ink = 28.49 x 50 (1400) INS

Using creative transcription, I created "weak" letters in which every letter is created from a single drop of ink, as opposed to "strong" letters, in which each letter is created from 50 drops of ink.