Filtering and Search System

(UI/UX - 2021)

Background - Igentify

Igentify® is a digital health company. It has developed the world’s first Digital Genetic Counselor – a digital platform for genetic tests providers. The platform is capable of providing a fully scalable end-to-end genetic counseling solution in both clinical as well as non-clinical (direct-to-consumer) genetic testing set up. The platform’s unmatched user engaging capabilities enable the test providers to give the best user experience to their consumers from enrollment & personalized consent for the genetic test, to the automated delivery of machine-generated personalized genetic counseling.


This area in the system is responsible for the settings which define how genetic tests are created and catalogued within the system. Based on these settings,

a genetic counselor can correctly assign test results to the patient.

The way search and filtering worked had to be overhauled.

Tools used in this Project
  • Sketch

  • InVision (prototyping)

Starting with understanding the needs
UI Challenges

The main challenge in this feature was to improve the UX flow of searching and filtering actions.

User Flow Requirements
  • Improve the “clinical significance” filter UI

  • Indicate “filter is active” on the search box. 

Old filter 2 portfolio .png

Search Area Requiring Improvement

Old filter portfolio.png

The filter tags appear to only be related to the "variants" column, when it should be identified with the entire panel

Design Process

1 Understanding that the available space needs to be prioritized for the Panel 

   itself. This led to a reduction of other UI elements which were less critical,

   removing the opening paragraph and rearranging two buttons in a hamburger menu.

2. Take into account existing design elements and incorporate them into the Panel.

3. Take into account the total number of filter fields. 


New UI design


Filter section now identified with the entire panel


Active search is now part of the active filter


Handling tag overflow


Buttons rearranged in hamburger menu