Feature Flag

(UI/UX - 2021)

Background - Igentify

Igentify® is a digital health company. It has developed the world’s first Digital Genetic Counselor – a digital platform for genetic tests providers. The platform is capable of providing a fully scalable end-to-end genetic counseling solution in both clinical as well as non-clinical (direct-to-consumer) genetic testing set up. The platform’s unmatched user engaging capabilities enable the test providers to give the best user experience to their consumers from enrollment & personalized consent for the genetic test, to the automated delivery of machine-generated personalized genetic counseling.

What is a Feature Flag?

A feature flag is used to enable or disable functionality without needing to deploy code. New features can be deployed without making them visible to all users. In this project I was assigned to create several flows related to this capability. The following stages will present the flows and features I designed.

Tools Used
  • Sketch

  • InVision (prototyping)

Starting with understanding the needs
User Flow Requirements

Create new configuration section within the system from scratch, with the following functionalities and features:

  • Manually input new configuration 

  • Enable uploading new configuration from file

  • Allow administrators to edit and delete configuration

  • Enable resetting changes and returning to default configuration

  • Enable managing multiple configurations for a single organization

Feature Flag Flow

Screen shot portfolio.png

Prototype in InVision